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Professional squeegee in two degrees of hardness for window tinting films and paint
protection films.


Due to the familiar shape, this squeegee fits perfectly in the hand, you immediately feel
comfortable with it. The two-layer structure provides stability and flexibility at the same


The DuoGreen is the harder and the DuoRed the softer version of this professional


Different edge cuts of 30, 45 and 90 degrees make it possible to apply different pressures
during squeegeeing.

With window tinting films , the liquid is optimally worked out of the film and the pressure
can be increased by simply turning the squeegee.

APE duo | Multi-layer squeegee for wet bonding DuoRed (65/95 Shore D)

50,00 €Price
Tax Included
  • • Multi-layer structure.
    • Especially suitable for wet bonding.
    • Different edge angles (30° / 45° / 90°).
    • Degrees of hardness: 65 / 95 Shore D ( DuoRed )

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