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Vinyl wrap exterior mirrors and door handles quickly and easily at the suggestion of a Japanese wrapping professional, we created the new Wrap-U-ezee mirror wrap tool. It makes it so much easier to wrap protruding vehicle parts such as door handles or exterior mirrors without a second pair of hands: Just attach the film to the Wrap-U-ezee, pre-heat it with a heat gun and move it over the vehicle part in one go ;-)


Since the film is evenly pre-stretched with this tool, the risk of overstretching in critical areas such as mirror housing edges is significantly reduced: The film material is stretched less and adheres more evenly than with a purely manual application without using the Wrap-U-ezee.

Ingeniously simple, simply ingenious: wooden application aid for car wrapping jobs. 


The Wrap-U-ezee is made from coated multiplex wood in the wood workshop of our tool manufacture. The natural material is both torsionally stiff and relatively light and therefore ideally suited for wrap work. The plastic inlays on the top prevent the film from sticking too strongly to the wooden ring. The ergonomically shaped handle prevents the holding hand from cramping and enables a comfortable workflow.


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