Perfectly matched bonding aid for stone chip protection films.

As an alternative to conventional bonding liquids, we offer the APE FoamPotion, a specially manufactured foam for laying paint protection films (PPF = paint protection film ).
This is a pH-neutral substance that is not actually "liquid".


We recommend  EasyPump Foam  pump spray bottle for mixing and distributing the adhesive foam.


The PPF squeegees APE Duo and PPF Sandwichare ideal for gluing.

APE Foam Potion |  PPF bonding foam

26,00 €Price
    • 1 liter of APE FoamPotion results in approx. 20 liters of bonding liquid.
    • "Stands" longer than any normal liquid.
    • Creates a "distance" between the film and the substrate.
    • Makes it visible where squeegeeing has already taken place.
    • Enables rapid adhesion after squeegeeing.
    • Contains no alcohol and is therefore not aggressive towards the glue.
    • Can be easily washed out.
    • Fully biodegradable.
    • Skin-friendly.
    • Clinically tested.
    • PH-level neutral.
    • Only to be mixed with distilled water!
    • We recommend approx. 50 ml (dosing aid) to 1 liter of water.